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The Story of Timothy McCain

Pastor Timothy McCain is a sought out evangelist, author of  "Crowns are Greater than Trophies",  "This Is Your Chance Book", & "Use Your Jab", mentor, motivational speaker and life coach.

He has had the privilege of being able to travel all over the world preaching the gospel and ministering hope, freedom, salvation and healing to hundreds of thousands of people through out his evangelistic ministry.


He has been able to mentor, encourage and launch many up and coming ministers into ministry. As well as has been an ear to hear, a shoulder and a friend to many seasoned and new ministers.


His goal in life is to push and guide people into their purpose whether that is ministry, entrepreneurship, the medical field, counseling or whatever the call may be. 


From a young age he was called to preach the gospel and he answered that call as the Lord opened doors for him to attend North Carolina's Master's Commission where he got his credentials. He is currently working on his bachelor's degree in business with NYACK College and will be furthering his studies in the near future. He along his wife Madai have been traveling for over a decade and have been able to see the Glory of God manifest to those that are hungry and thirsty for the fullness of God.   


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