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"This is your chance" is a book that will help you live out your dreams, goals, and purpose. If you were to take an in-depth look into your life, you may discover that the greatest hindrance to living out those dreams is yourself. We use subtle reasons such as believing, the task is impossible when it is just difficult. Or saying "I can't" when in reality we really mean "I won't." Don't treat your success like a lottery ticket hoping that this is your big break, instead position yourself for your breakthrough. In this book, we are going to uproot excuses, plant seeds of purpose, and encourage you to take your leap of faith. With this in mind, it is not really opportunity that will pass you by, but more like you will walk past opportunity. Stop pressing the snooze button of your purpose, while laying in a bed of fear a moment longer. Get up, rise and shine because this is your chance.


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