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At TMMinistries, we are dedicated to sharing the good news of the gospel with people all over the world. We believe that by spreading the message of hope in Jesus Christ, we can change the world and bring people closer to God. We travel extensively to different parts of the world to preach the gospel, and we rely on the support of people like you to help us continue our mission. We encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of our ministry. Your support will help us reach more people with the gospel and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Dreaming God Sized Dreams

At TMMinistries, our mission is to spread the word of God to all. We have proudly preached at thousands of churches over the past 12 years and have developed meaningful relationships with pastors and church leaders.

As an experienced evangelistic ministry, we have worked in all areas of ministry over the years. We are passionate about spreading the word of God and helping people grow in their faith. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to experience the love of God and are dedicated to helping churches achieve their Kingdom building goals.

Recently, we started a church plant and are fundraising to make it a success. We are looking for financial partners to help us achieve our goal of spreading the gospel to all corners of the world. Join our journey and be a part of something truly amazing!



Meet The Team

Image by David Iskander

Our Mission

  • Equip the body of Christ with the tools needed to understand and walk in their identity. 

  • Be the Aaron's and Hurs to those that are in pastoral roles that need support in any way.


  • Bring forth the vision of the house.


  • Facilitate unity in the body of Christ multi-generationally, multi-culturally and multi-denominationally. 


  • Raise up the next generation of ministers. 

Image by Ronnie Overgoor

Our Goal

  • Mentorship: Develop an online mentoring program for evangelists, youth pastors, worship leaders and young adult pastors. 


  • Missions Trips: To host one or two big missions trips yearly. 

  • Friday Fires: Hosting Friday prayer, word and worship ministry focused around the teaching and imparting of the Baptism of The Holy Spirit

  • Hunger Rallies: Partnering with local churches in a unified service/services to host the presence of the Holy Spirit as one body.

  • Women's Conferences: Organize and partner with host churches to create a series of two - three days women conferences to teach, minister and empower women into their purpose.

Image by Jessica Da Rosa


Our goal is to mentor as many as we can and multiply what God has given us in others. We believe that our ceiling is someone else's floor, so whenever we can launch someone forth we will. Discipleship is a very important area that we love to do. Jesus had twelve disciples that turned the world upside down. We believe this model is perfect, and we have adapted it in our ministry to raise and multiply disciples, not just followers but workers.

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