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Throughout the years of my life, I've learned the value of the word of God. As a young child, my mother would sit me down and teach me how to memorize the word. As a teenager, I went through a season of rebellion, but no matter how far I tried to run, the word of God that I memorized as a child kept me and drew me back in over and over. It is true that his word never returns void, and I am a living testimony to that. As an adult, I am so thankful that my mother instilled this in me, and now I am teaching my children the same. His word is power, and this is something I want to continue to deposit into generations to come. I encourage you to memorize scripture and hold it close to your heart. This is how the word becomes a fire in our bones. I pray this illustrated book will facilitate the memorization of the word, and as a family, you will recite, pray, and speak this over your children.

Psalm 23 illustrated Children's Book

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