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I am not impressed

It’s time to understand we are a body and when one hurts we all hurt, when one is missing we need them.

So I did a thing yesterday. Listen I’m not telling y’all this to feel sorry 😂 I felt I needed to share. I cut myself pretty bad yesterday as I was washing a glass vase. Not going into details but I kept thinking I wish it would of happened to my left one instead of my right hand that way I’m at least useful... As if I don’t use my left hand also. The very fact that I thought it would be better to not use my left than right I’m sure is normal but it brought a perspective to me. So I went to urgent care they had to kind of burn the wound so It would stop gushing blood. The moment they put the burning thing on my wound my whole entire body got tensed and I felt the pain everywhere!!!!! All this to say, one thing I’ve learned over the years that we have had the opportunity to minister since we (my husband and I) were very young and God moved into some places crazy... in some not so much. I remember sitting having a conversation in which a person asked “why do I need you if I can do it myself.” I was kind of taken back by the question and over the years it became a deep thought. Some days it was a thought to thrust me forth and others self esteem killer. How many times have we done this? I’ve also done this. Times when we are not “impressed” by someone’s gifting because we think we can do better ourselves. I’ve done it!!! I hate it but I have. We have given young ministers opportunities to speak,and because only one person came up or they didn’t speak with a mouth full of Webster’s dictionary vocabulary words we aren’t “impressed?” We are one body we need every limb, every cell, every single nerve, every organ. There isn’t one that does not have a function! This year I’ve learned a lot about the body and how it functions. In the natural it is the same and the manifestation of the kingdom is no different. No one is greater than the other but we think we are sometimes because some are more noticeable than others. One nerve being off can send a chain reaction of pain that effects the whole body. Aaah!! that we would get this truth and stop making eachother feel insignificant when we are all so important. We idolize tele evangelist, big names in the Christian world and diminish our own gifting and assignments because it isn’t as “great” as theirs. You are important! Your gifts are needed! I will add that some organs and limbs are not on the same place for a reason. If our feet and hands were next to eachother that would be an issue some stay in different departments because they can’t work together 😂 and it’s ok. To function effectively as one body we must see what God has placed in all of us and stop diminishing what God himself knitted together within... What we are making less is the very thing that makes us great. Some new believers, ministers, people that have had encounters with the Lord just need LOADS of grace and encouragement to grow the gifts that they didn’t even know they had. It’s time to understand we are a body and when one hurts we all hurt, when one is missing we need them. You matter Your gifts matter You are needed.

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