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Evangelists vs Pastors and the Coronavirus

It has been EXTREMELY disheartening seeing so many churches, pastors, and articles bashing Evangelists and other itinerate ministries during this time. Every one of us is required to stand on faith during this time, and it is a CHANCE for us to continue to work together to encourage the church, reach the lost and continue living out the compassionate arms of the Gospel. Here are some thinking points for everyone to keep in mind. * Yes, the Tithe is for the storehouse and as it should be to continue the ministry of the local church. However, to bash rebuke or encourage people not to support other ministries (not with Tithe, of course) but with free-will offerings, etc... is incorrect and attacks the very concept and principle of giving. * Evangelists understand the immense pressure that pastors are facing for the first time as they are going in uncharted territories. This is not the time to bash them but come along and HELP them with guidance and advice on how outreach to different crowds and inconsistent funds. We have been in a place of trusting God with our needs and provisions weekly in services and crowds that don't know us at first; they have not. Become Aarons and Hurs and drop the stones. * Pastors, this is a great time to reach out to Evangelists and understand the dynamics that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Where some of you may have bashed the intentions of overall "televangelist" when for the past few weeks, YOU HAVE BECOME ONE. May all of us understand compassion and further the conversations to continue to work together. * THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY IS STILL NEEDED AND WE NEED TO ALL COME TOGETHER. We must have Pastors PASTOR, Teachers TEACH, Apostles BUILD, PROPHETS declare, and Evangelist Outreach and train, so all of us can, in unity, live out the Bible's directions to " TRAIN OTHERS TO DO THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY." The church as a whole is stressed out, and I get it. We may all look into a future with a level of uncertainty, all the while being confident that Jesus has everything under control. THIS is the time to step up, confront the bias and prejudices many may have. STOP making each other your punchlines and start throwing each other LIFELINES. If you need an ear to listen or a person to talk to, reach out to me. My wife and I ARE PRAYING FOR YOU. Don't confuse the end of a chapter with the end of a book because your story is far from over. Timothy McCain

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