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Letting go of those we care about

We’ve been through seasons where the Lord has literally had to pry open our hand to release those who we have come to care for deeply.

"We don't give up but, we must let go."

In our many years of ministry we have come across some interesting situations. The evangelist in us sees seed and wants to see it planted so a harvest can come about. Many times we have seen this in so many people because ALL of us have a seed in us but we are not called to plant every single seed we come across. We have tried many times to rise people who atthe beginning seem very enthusiastic and would do what it takes to get where they need to be. We try to encourage, correct in love, teach and help them realize where they are so they can have a plan where they are going. We would love to say every single one of those people are thriving but the reality is many want the encouragement but very little the correction and truth that comes from seeing ourselves in the mirror and realizing there are roots inside us that need to be pulled out in order to see greater results. Am I saying that God can’t use people where they are NO! He CAN.... But the level of spiritual maturity it takes to birth something is immense.

We’ve had to let go of many people. Not give up on them, it’s not about turning our backs from them because that isn’t the case if anyone ever wants to ask for help we help to the best of our ability.!Many times the reason we say letting go is because as evangelist, as people who have encountered the father our instinct is to keep plowing, to continue to work at the seed when many times it is only our job to speak to the seed and help break the ground. This is so hard for us because we are harvesters and we will sit in the field waiting for the seed to grow even though it refuses to.

We’ve been through seasons where the Lord has literally had to pry open our hand to release those who we have come to care for deeply. He’s had to tell us to let go because sometimes it takes a hard knock on the head for us to realize we are not doing what we are supposed to, we are not in the relationship God intended for us or the path we are taking is not him. It is so hard!!! Specially when we’ve seen visions of disaster in their future and we desperately want to warn them to STOP! But the Lord says “no more! You’ve done what I’ve told you. Now let go, I have this.” Many times the visions we’ve seen have become the reality for someone’s life and the seed comes back with a humble spirit ready to submit and learn. But unfortunately many times we’ve seen the cycle repeat itself over and over and over and it’s so heart breaking. We wish we could do something but the Lord says “let go.”

I wish people would understand that many times pastors, leaders, evangelist, mentors are not abandoning them. They are being obedient to God in relinquishing whom is not ours. I am telling you it is gut wrenching, heart hurting, mind exploding with thoughts and so very very painful thing to do, but our first responsibility is to obey the father. We must trust he knows best even when we don’t understand.

Having the heart of the father hurts because he loves so deeply and so strongly desires his sons and daughters to be whole that in the journey we understand why he had to send his son.

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