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Have you ever been dehydrated?

I have literally felt dehydrated a few times in my life specially when I was a teenager. What did I do? I would go to the fridge see the water and grab orange juice, soda or fruit punch 😂. Why? Because water didn’t taste good to me it tasted like metals sometimes or just salty who knows just didn’t taste like anything so I thought I didn’t need it. I mean juice has water right? So does soda. So I kept trying to avoid water because it didn’t taste like the deliciousness of a sugar filled drink. What I didn’t know was that I was dehydrating myself further because the sugar and salt in the drinks were not helping me but rather drying me out further. I did this in my spiritual life also. I know who the fountain of living water is. I know he is a well that never runs dry, he is the water that if I drink I shall thirst no more. I have tried to substitute my thirst with people, things, tv, video games, Facebook, Instagram, affection, doing things, getting busy, being productive and at the end I’m still thirsty and even more thirsty than before because nothing can satisfy... you would think after growing up in church and experiencing what I’ve been experienced in the Lord that I would of learned my lesson. We go through seasons where we feel like we are becoming undone or lose ourselves and we have to start over. In those seasons we forget what is true what is pure. I went through seasons where I was all about fitness I was working out, going to the gym, eating healthy, lifting weights and in that season I was so thirsty I could drink a gallon of water easily, my body asked for it. I’ve also gone through seasons where I’ve ate like a crazy person, nothing good of course. Lots of pizza lots of binge watching tv shows. In those seasons my thirst was different. What I’m getting at is dehydration is Inevitable when we forget to drink water period. No matter what we try to substitute our thirst for intimacy with Jesus we will always come back to a place of dehydration. There is no substitute or supplement that will ever satisfy our great desire to come back to where we can from. Our spirit will always desire him and long for him I believe we are coming to a season where our great need for God is being highlighted in such a way we are seeing our reflection in the water and we are refusing to drink because we don’t feel worthy enough to drink the purity of the waters that he is. He’s revealing out true character, intentions and devotion and it looks ugly 😭. I feel as though he is saying “come see the reflection acknowledge where you are but drink because I am your fountain, your place of rest in spite of what you see, what you feel and what you’ve done. I don’t withhold my water from you. Come! I have never stopped waiting for you. My water doesn’t come with conditions or limitations it’s freely given. Partake of the cup of communion (come into union, be come one) with me. Nothing will ever satisfy our thirst like he will but we must be like the tree planted by the streams of waters, that our roots may go deep and partake of the waters as long as our roots are touching and drinking. Come back to the waters live dehydrated no more. Let no one and nothing keep you from what is yours. Let not guilt or condemnation lie and tell you it’s not for you for Jesus paid the price for you to drink forever.

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